Change the way you deal with people by using the helpful consulting services from Within Your Reach Consulting. I give you the tools you need to be a better, more understanding person.

Understanding Others
Change the way to communicate with others by learning how to positively connect with them. My programs deliver results by helping you gain recognition, build healthy relationships, and learn the art of reason. Many have reaped the benefits of my consultations, including :


  • Government Entities
  • Educational Entities
  • Ministries & Nonprofit Organizations
  • Parents

The applications I use to help your situation are discovered during the consultation process. If you are a parent, I provide and individual coaching program that show you how to better understand your child or children. This is achieved by accepting that everyone is a unique person, and this phenomenon is called “human behavior”. If you understand who you are as a parent, you are able to better appreciate your family.

Human Behavior
Receive the coaching you need to enhance your concept of behavior. You learn there are distinctive behavioral patterns, the different languages that are spoken between people, and the use of body language. Interestingly, Dale Carnegie said that “85% of factors contributed to success are related to the ability to work efficiently with people”.
More Consulting Offers
Benefit from communication consulting, regardless of your occupation. For example, one of the more popular businesses is real estate. I teach real estate professionals how to effectively communicate with their clients, and the method I use is similar to conflict resolution.

Each program is customized to the client based on their needs. Learning the concepts of human behavior allows you to apply your knowledge and skills to increase your customers base and build a more successful business.